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Structures like apartment buildings, churches, gymnasiums and schools often consist of multiple floors. Commercial scaffolding provides a safe, cost-effective solution for reaching elevated areas at these facilities to perform various maintenance and cleaning tasks.

If you’re searching for reliable commercial scaffolding companies in the Greater Bay Area, you’ve come to the right place. For more than a decade, the professionals at Champion Scaffold Services Inc. have offered an assortment of premium scaffolding services to businesses and organizations like yours. We’ve earned a stellar reputation for quality, workmanship, safety and attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.

Commercial Scaffolding Applications

Champion Scaffold Services can supply the right equipment for your project. You’ll find the best scaffolding for painting the exteriors of multistory office buildings, high-rise condominiums and other towering structures that require a safe solution with maximum mobility. Additional uses include:

  • Hanging drywall.
  • Performing exterior building maintenance and repair work.
  • Washing windows.
  • Mounting signage.
  • Setting up lighting and sound equipment at outdoor venues.
  • Executing building renovation projects.

Scaffolding in Building Construction

Scaffolding also plays a prominent role in the construction industry. Scaffolds allow crew members to reach elevated areas safely and enable freedom of movement to perform their duties. Scaffolding can also hold the tools and materials workers need to complete various construction tasks.

The construction industry must adhere to stringent safety standards due to the inherent dangers of performing construction work at heights. As an OSHA-compliant scaffolding company, Champion Scaffold Services can supply your business with equipment that meets requirements in crucial areas such as:

  • Platform load capacity.
  • Placement (must be on a stable setting).
  • Screen usage to protect people on the ground from falling objects.
  • Erection, dismantling and moving by competent individuals.
  • Immediate repair or replacement of damaged scaffolding components.
  • Providing a safe means of platform access.
  • Use of guardrails on open sides of scaffolding installed at least 10 feet above the surrounding surface.

Construction contractors often require temporary scaffolding for specific projects. We’re you’re one-stop headquarters for commercial scaffolding rentals that will meet your short-term needs. Our cost-effective rental program can provide a practical and affordable alternative to purchasing equipment.

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