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Scaffolding Stairs and Platforms

Construction and renovation projects can present several access challenges, from elevated working tools to waste disposal. Champion Scaffold Services has the equipment you need to get the job done on time and safely, from temporary construction stairs to ladders, platforms and trash chutes.

Full-Service Temporary Construction Stairs Rental

Bring convenience, efficiency and security to your job site with scaffold stair access towers. Benefits of temporary construction stairs include:


  • Flexibility: With their modular design features, you can adapt the stairs for your specific application and requirements.
  • Affordability: Installing temporary stairs provides a cost-effective access solution for construction and restoration projects.
  • Safety: Stairs include anti-skid design and optional handrails and netting to promote well-being.


Trust Champion Scaffold Services for your temporary construction stairs rental. Our professionals work with you to provide a comprehensive assessment based on materials, project duration and job site measurements for the most accurate recommendations. 

Trash Chutes and Platforms

Construction-grade debris call for construction-grade trash chutes and Champion Scaffold Services has them. Attach chutes directly to scaffolding to make waste disposal easier and safer — no more navigating stairs carrying loads of restoration and construction debris.

We also rent temporary scaffolding platforms for raising and supporting workers and tools. These platforms bring versatility and security to job sites with quick setup and safety rails vital to employee welfare. Champion Scaffold Services is an expert on OSHA requirements for fall protection, so we’ll keep you compliant, too.


Some projects require compact access, so we have a wide range of sizes and ladder types available. Ladders offer ease of transport, mobility and affordability without long-term investment for a temporary need. Our ladders also undergo regular inspection and replacement for quality and safety assurance. Prevent unnecessary liability — Champion Scaffold Services will go over the details of your project to ensure you get the correct duty level and height ratings for your job needs. 

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Champion Scaffold Services in the Greater Bay Area

Make Your Project More Efficient

Champion Scaffold Services has the temporary scaffold stairs, trash chutes, platforms and ladders you need to get the job done — get them all from one Greater Bay area contractor to save time and money. Our team members install all equipment with safety as our priority, and we’re proud of our impeccable safety record. Discover how we can support your next project with our 30 years of industry expertise by calling us at (510) 788-4731 or contacting a knowledgeable representative online.