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Installation and Dismantling

Scaffolding installation and dismantling can pose challenges to workers and the general public. Proper assembly, fastening and disassembly operations prevent OSHA fines and employee or pedestrian injuries. Bring extra protection to your next construction, renovation or maintenance project when you leave scaffolding installation and dismantling to an expert.

Scaffolding Erection Specialists

Licensed installation specialists bring unparalleled levels of security and experience to your job site needs. Benefits of using a professional scaffolding erection company like Champion Scaffold Services include:


  • OSHA certifications for safety: Our licensed crew undergoes extensive OSHA training to oversee your job with expertise. Stay compliant with regulations for scaffolding installation by hiring a knowledgeable and well-trained construction provider.
  • Material quality and inspection: Champion Scaffold Services uses only high-quality materials, ensuring you get the durability, duty level and protection you need. Each scaffolding installation concludes with a thorough inspection of components and stability to promote the highest safety standards.
  • Efficiency: Allow your employees to concentrate on construction and restoration tasks. When you work with us, we’ll manage the scaffolding erection they’ll need to remain productive.
  • Convenience: Champion Scaffold Services maintains a wide selection of scaffolding types to meet any project need, and we can design the proper configuration for you. Our experts also deliver equipment on time and install it quickly to keep your project on schedule.


Scaffolding Dismantling Services

When your project ends, trust Champion Scaffold Services to handle the removal of your scaffolding equipment. Our professionals take many steps to ensure effective and secure disassembly, including:


  • Inspect equipment: Any alterations made during the scaffold use pose potential risks. The Champion Scaffold Services dismantling team thoroughly inspects scaffolds for integrity and proper construction before beginning a dismantling job. 
  • Ensure safe access: Scaffolding disassembly happens from the top down. Our crew members possess the required equipment to access the height securely.
  • Prevent accidents: At Champion Scaffold Services, we dedicate ourselves to safety. Our crew protects structures and people during the dismantling process by carefully transporting scaffolding components to the ground.
  • Keep you moving: Enhance productivity by tackling your next job and trust disassembly to our experts. Our services save you time because your team can focus on meeting your goals while we dismantle your scaffolding.
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Industry Leader in Safety and Service

Your project deserves the best in scaffolding contractors and erectors, and that’s what you get with Champion Scaffold Services. Our dedication to safety and customer service has no equal. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we have the know-how to get your scaffolding in place on time to keep your job on schedule and your workers productive. Contact a representative online today, or call (510) 788-4731 for immediate service.