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Safety Supplies

Any task that requires working at heights introduces an element of danger. At Champion Scaffold Services Inc., our goal is to minimize the risks by creating a less hazardous work environment for your crew members. We offer a full range of fall protection equipment and related services to meet your job site’s safety requirements.

Fall Protection for Scaffolding

According to OSHA Standard 1926.451(g)(1), scaffolding jobs where workers are at least 10 feet above the ground require appropriate fall protection measures. Champion can provide high-quality mesh netting for scaffolding that will keep your workers safe from accidental falls. It will also protect people on the ground from falling tools, equipment and debris.

Our netting consists of a knitted mesh material that provides excellent tear resistance and reduces wind and rain penetration. Champion offers a convenient, cost-effective net rental program where we deliver the scaffold safety netting to your job site and you install it where you need it.

Pedestrian Canopies

Are you working on scaffolding in an area with heavy foot traffic? A pedestrian canopy from Champion will protect workers and passersby on the ground from falling objects. Install these canopies above sidewalks and around exterior building entrances to increase safety and maintain compliance during new construction, renovation and demolition projects.

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